The Charlottetown Film Society in collaboration with L’ipéen Present:

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May 12 – 3 pm at City Cinema

A Special Screening of Sofia Bohdanowicz’s La Maison du Bonheur

In collaboration with the Charlottetown Film Society, L’ipéen a special screening of Sofia Bohdanowicz’s La Maison du Bonheur (The house of Happiness). The movie has been named Best Canadian Documentary by the Vancouver Film Critics Circle in 2017.

A Franco-Ontarian filmmaker goes to Paris to meet an astrologer who has lived in the same house for many decades. Bohdanowicz follows her in her daily routine as she tells about her life, her job, her love of flowers and coffee. The film is made of small bittersweet vignettes.

The film will be preceded by a short film by Sofia Bohdanowicz.