Oct 4: Alien – The Director’s Cut

Alien: The Director’s Cut
Ridley Scott, 1979
with Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, John Hurt
Thursday, October. 4 at 9:10 PM

City Cinema; Admission $10
Since the keen interest in this film seemed particularly acute, we decided to screen it a second time. Last Saturday we presented the original version of 1979 film “Alien” and to change it up a little, this time we will present the version that Ridley Scott himself revised in 2003 in which he added additional scenes and streamlined some of the sequences.

“Upon viewing the proposed expanded version of the film, I felt that the cut was simply too long and the pacing completely thrown off. After all, I cut those scenes out for a reason back in 1979. However, in the interest of giving the fans a new experience with Alien, I figured there had to be an appropriate middle ground. I chose to go in and recut that proposed long version into a more streamlined and polished alternate version of the film. For marketing purposes, this version is being called “The Director’s Cut” (…)
“The traditional definition of the term “director’s cut” suggests the restoration of a director’s original vision, free of any creative limitations. It suggests that the filmmaker has finally overcome the interference of heavy-handed studio executives, and that the film has been restored to its original, untampered form. Such is not the case with Alien: The Director’s Cut. It’s a completely different beast.”
―Ridley Scott

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