Oct. 30: Phantom of the Paradise

Phantom of the Paradise (Brian De Palma, 1974)
Tue. Oct 30. 9 :10 PM; City Cinema
Paul Williams, William Finley, Jessica Harper

On the theme of Faust and combining rock & roll, horror, and the classic tale of Phantom of the Opera, the films centers on an aspiring rocker who sells his soul to evil music producer and ends up horribly disfigured and living in the bowels of a brand new night club, The Paradise.

”There’s no way a movie like this would get funded today. It’s too weird, too wild, too full of its director’s vision and artistic quirks. It doesn’t have the same appeal as The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It couldn’t possibly be categorized; it’s a rock opera with a tragic character at its center surrounded by so many colorful characters and so much cinematic chutzpah. There is so much to dive into in terms of world-building and themes here. The music industry and showbiz are satirized and glorified. Nearly every sequence feels like a dream and a nightmare at the same time. It’s both a fun party film and a devastating monster flick. ”  Nicolas David Meise

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